Landscape Videography

The title for this page may seem slightly odd to some, but let me explain.

If you’ve been reading my blog, then you will know that I recently invested in a DJI Drone for the purpose of capturing still images of places, that from a wheelchair at times can be impossible. But with a drone, its designed more around 4K video, which my camera, the Sony A99II can do, but I don’t use my camera for that kind of work. 

But using a drone for a couple of months, I’m seeing the potential for showing off some of the amazing places that I find with my drone, which I capture stills and video. So I’ve decided to add a page to my website called ‘Landscape Videography’, so I can share the video side of the work I’ve been doing.

I must warn you, my editing skills and still in the learning mode and some of the videos might seem, basic or over done with the music added, but its like photography, you keep on learning. 


Feature 1

Birnbeck Pier is a pier situated on the Bristol Channel in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, England, opened in 1867, approximately 18 miles south-west of Bristol. It is the only pier in the country which links the mainland to an island, linking to Birnbeck Island,


Feature 2

Hengrove Park, is in the South of Bristol, England. At one time, the park was actually an airport and called Bristol Airport and part of the runway is still there and used for events like carboot sales and the odd event. On the outskirts of the park is a community hospital and college.

The sun rises from the east and over looks the area, where I have lived for over 18 years in this area of Bristol, a city landscape higher than the centre of Bristol.

Chew Magna Lake.jpg

Feature 3

Chew Magna Lake sits just outside the city of Bristol, and is one of the popular attractions to city folk to escape to for hour or so. I’ve photographed this spot many times over the years, as each season brings a new image, a new feeling to capturing a place thats tranquil in the early hours of the morning or evening.


Feature 4

Frenchay Common Parish Church, sitting in the North of Bristol. A beautiful spot and sometime ago Frenchay Hospital sat across the road, but being redeveloped sadly.

The foundations of the church were completed in 1834 by Henry Rumley. The work on the vestry started in 1887 and was completed by the local architect William Larkins Bernard. It has been designated by English Heritage as a grade II listed building. The large church has a low battlemented tower with a slender spire which overlooks the common. The churchyard contains the war graves of six service personnel of World War I and three of World War II.


Feature 5

Blaise Castle is a folly built in 1766 near Henbury in Bristol, England. The castle sits within the Blaise Castle Estate, which also includes Blaise Castle House, a Grade II* listed 18th-century mansion house. The folly castle is also Grade II* listed and ancillary buildings including the orangery and dairy also have listings. Along with Blaise Hamlet, a group of nine small cottages around a green built in 1811 for retired employees, and various subsidiary buildings, the parkland is listed Grade II* on the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens of special historic interest in England.


Just outside a little village called Nant Trefil, lays an old quarry thats been closed down for a number of years. But it's been used for filming of television programs like Dr Who and blockbuster films. It’s a long gravel road that runs for about 3 miles and full of potholes, so you cant drive more than 15 mph, but once you enter the quarry, it all becomes eerie with high black cliffs and green coloured ponds.


Autumn is a great time of year as the sun is in that changing period of becoming brighter, as it works towards winter time. The mornings become colder and so the mist and fog begins to form, specially over water and places like Chew Magna Lake, just outside Bristol. You have to watch the weather forecast and see if its going to be a bright day and the temperature is going to be low enough to form the mist or fog, and have a little bit of luck that its not too dense and ends up like pea soup. I got it right and had a great morning with the drone and then with the camera, as the fishing boats came out of the fog towards me.


There are two points of interest on the Pontsticill Reservoir, each giving a different perspective, but for me one is more accessible than the other, as the one is used by canoes and other boating activities. But the other point where this image was taken, has a high wall, that makes it impossible for me to see over from being sat in my chair, but has more of an interest point to the reservoir. This is where the use of a drone allows me to see over the wall and gives me a better perspective of whats possible.